Our Story

We started in this lifestyle in multiple stages.

First, Randy moved himself into a 1978 Chevy Vandura camper van, and started this blog. Then, he met Megan, and she read the blog. Then she went on a weekend trip in the van, then marriage and children.

Finally, Megan deciding she would love to try out this lifestyle as well.

The rest is history, and on this blog!

Meet the Family

Who is The Nomadic Family? We are a young family that wants to live to work, not work to live. We are a family that believes that true wealth is gained in experiences, not big houses.


AKA: Daddy

Husband, Father, Dreamer, & Blogger.


AKA: Goober

Son, Brother, & Terror of Miya. Even though he wants to be just like her.


AKA: Mommy

Wife, Mother, Dreamer, & Entrepreneur.


AKA: Kitty One

Farm born, and fearless. Loki chose his Humans, and stuck with them.


AKA: Miss Bear

Daughter, Sister, Seeker of Happiness.


AKA: Kitty Two

What started as a visit, became a family member. Carlyn loves snuggles, even in her old age.