Approval from landlord to move RV

Had a chat via text with my landlord yesterday to make sure that he would be okay with me bringing the RV over, and thankfully he is.

I’ve also chatted with the neighbours downstairs to make sure they’re okay with it and they are. Now it’s just a matter of where I’ll put the RV in order to complete my renovations. There’s a spot that looks to be perfect in size on the side of the driveway, but the only issue is the slope. I think that in order to put the RV there, I’ll need to build some higher level blocks. I need the RV relatively level in order to get everything taken care of, and while it is here being worked on, it’s going to double as my office.
It’s nearly impossible to work at home, not just because my daughter wants me to be with her playing every moment, but the adults in the house are struggling with the idea that someone can actually be at home, and still working. It makes it tough for sure.

I’ve paid up the storage until next month, and I’m hoping to get the RV over here perhaps this weekend. We’ll see how the budget handles it, as getting across on the ferry is pricey for an RV, and then there’s the whole needing to get there first.

The RV is stored a little over three hours transit ride away from the ferry (roughly a 45 minute drive), and I might have someone that can help with the driving, but he has a vehicle stored away as well, and that still means transit travel.

We’ll see how the whole thing works out. I may just need to make an entire day out of getting there.

I’m pretty excited to get going on the reno’s again. Those counters sitting here have been bugging me since they should be in the RV!

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