Campground Review: Eaglewind RV Park, Aldergrove, BC

I had work in Abbotsford to do where the security of the client required that I be onsite, so I could not work remotely. As it was work separated over a couple weeks, I opted to stay in an RV park nearby.

After looking online, I found that at least logistically, Eaglewind RV Park was the closest to my client.

Overall Rating:
I have to give this park, two out of five stars. Read on to understand why. Remember that this is my opinion on my experiences, and your stay may differ.
Eaglewind RV Park is situated near Aldergrove, BC, but maps will also tell you it is near Langley, and Abbotsford as it’s somewhat central to the three cities. Be careful when looking up RV parks and looking at transit options if you are not mobile outside of your RV. This RV park is four kilometers away from the nearest bus stop. It’s about a 40 minute walk, or a $10 cab ride.
The park is quite remote without a second vehicle if you have a motorhome.
Reservations are a must at this park. It is not very large, and it is usually full. I can only assume that it’s because of being so close to the Vancouver Zoo because there really doesn’t appear to be anything else nearby.
Extensions to stay
Absolutely not. You are expected to pay for the time you will be staying in full, at check in. If you think that you may stay a day or two longer, you are expected to pay it up front, and then they will refund you if you don’t use those times. I haven’t tested this, so I can’t tell you if it’s true.
The cost is rather high considering what the park offers. It’s barely under $500 for a two week stay, making a monthly stay $1000/month.
The people staying are quiet, it’s like many RV Parks. There are kids playing, and the typical noise from children enjoying themselves. That doesn’t bug me one bit. However, the Trans-Canada Highway is literally across the street. Traffic is 24 hours a day, and the noise is constant. Think staying overnight in a WalMart parking lot right next to their busiest street.
Internet Access:
The internet is fast, and best of all, free. So far, it’s the best internet I’ve had in any park.
Amenities:This park doesn’t really offer a lot. It does have a pool and a hot tub, but they are both outside, and in full view of the rather large windows of the clubhouse, meaning that you have zero privacy to enjoy. There is no park of any kind for the children to play at, but there is room on a hill in the middle where one could be built, and perhaps that is the plan.
The Staff:
I didn’t really meet much for staff, I saw one when I checked in, and that was that, so I couldn’t tell you much more about them, or how friendly they are.


The clubhouse is very large, and very new. In the time I was there, I didn’t see anyone use the lounge, which by the looks of it, is more geared towards functions over sitting back and watching the game on the TV.

There is a small coin operated laundry room, and bathrooms inside that have coin operated showers. $1 gets you seven minutes of shower time, this includes the time it takes to get it to a comfortable temperature that you can hop in. There is no warning when your time will be up, so toss in two dollars and do your thing.

If you are a working RVer, who likes to shower in the morning before work, depending on the time you start work, this may not be the park for you. The clubhouse, including showers is only open from 7:30am until 10pm. There are 24 hour bathrooms outside as well, but they are just bathrooms.


It’s a decent park, but not one to stay at if you are a fulltime Rver, or someone planning on heading out, and don’t have alternate transportation. I won’t be choosing to go back there personally, but that is more due to it’s location, and sheer distance from the nearest transit stop.

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