Christmas with Family on Vancouver Island

So we have made it to Vancouver island for Christmas with my family, and we’ll be staying in my parents fifth wheel while we’re here. It’s a toy hauler, and really only designed for my parents use. it has one bedroom up front, and a bathroom off of that room. There is a couple “bunks” in the back, but it gets chilly in that room as it’s designed for hauling your toys, not living in.

The main area has a small kitchen and a couch to sit on, while the TV is above the door, and in my own honest opinion, not really a great spot for a TV if you plan on watching it. it looks like it was put there almost as an after-thought.

We’ve spent one night in the trailer so far, and it’s quite comfortable. You can hear the rain falling outside, and while temperatures don’t really drop below five degrees celsius here, the furnace is nice too. Only issue I have is that this trailer isn’t designed for a family, so our daughter’s playpen that she’s sleeping in needs to be in the kitchen, next to the furnace. Which when it kicks in, the fan is rather loud to be trying to sleep right next to.

It’s a good little starter for checking out how we feel about a trailer. So far, aside from the size of this one, we like it. Our daughter explores, and can’t go too far, and often just takes us to where she wants to go, which is often sitting on the couch and looking at a book. It works for me!

The bedroom has a queen-size bed in it, and you can walk around the sides. The slide out in the bedroom is for the closet and gives a little more room to walk. It is nice and cozy for sure. I do not mind that room at all.

Perhaps we will end up buying that bunkhouse fifth wheel we were looking at, as it just seems more feasible, and if we’re going to buy a trailer, why settle for something that meets some of our needs, when the fifth wheel meets most of our needs for only a few thousand more?

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