Floor Installation Begins!

Finally! Today, I was able to head out and buy a new blade for my saw, and a new square (mine is sitting in Alberta). After asking a few questions on a totally cool Facebook page called RV Remodeling, Decorating, and Renovations, I figured out what I should do about the flooring.

My biggest concern was the gap to leave for expansion, and if it would be an issue with an RV, and the movement. I need to leave 3/8ths of an inch for expansion all the way around, and that looks like a lot. I am concerned about it shifting while moving around. A guy who is on the page commented, and is the owner of a flooring store. He suggested making sure that I keep that gap, and avoiding gluing or stapling it down as it will buckle when it tries to expand/contract.

Today, I cut a bunch of 3/8th inch spacers from some left over wood I had, and I started to lay the flooring down. It’s coming along beautifully!

I started late in the afternoon, so I was only able to work until about 7pm, as the sun had set, and my children are in bed. The sound of a saw running probably isn’t the most conducive to their sleep. I’ll start up again and finish in the morning.

Anyways, I think the flooring is going to look amazing! Here’s what I have installed so far, and please excuse the lighting. I haven’t replaced the lights with the LED’s I’m planning on just yet!

The view from the door, looking back:

The gap needed. I seriously hope I don’t have issues because of it.

Honestly, I think this floor is beautiful!

Those sections were more for an idea. I have the proper measurements set out, and will install tomorrow morning.

Looking towards the drivers area. I’ll be cutting it off before the first bend in the floor, and the drivers area will be rubber flooring.

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