Getting ideas for the renovations

Today, while I had to be out of the house while it was being shown (it’s for sale), I went to Rona and had a look at a few things. Earlier in the morning when I dropped my wife off at work, we had a look at some swatches for the countertops. Grabbed a couple, and then when at Rona, I was looking for a backsplash that would go nicely with the future counters.

We think it looks sharp, and it appears to bring out the colour in the countertop swatch. I was originally thinking about this tile for the bathroom, but the wife loves it enough to want it in the kitchen instead.

As she says (from all the pictures I sent her of not only these backsplashes, but flooring as well), “The girls and I agree on the lighter laminate for the kitchen with the amazing glass tile, the red tint hardwood with a mushroom grey for the cabinets.”

“The girls” are the other designers that work with my wife, and I can trust them since it’s their jobs to make things look good. lol

So, we’re looking at click together laminate flooring that looks like wood. It’s a mahogany look, and the swatches they had were all very different while claiming to be the same thing. I may have to go somewhere else for flooring.

Nice flooring, beautiful counters with glass backsplash, and a nice grey on the cupboards. I picked up a bunch of paint swatches so we can figure out what would go best. I’d like to make sure to add some accents to the cupboards.
Then there is lighting to be considered. I really don’t like the light fixtures that are in this RV. They’re quite honestly terrible. As this RV is to be my home for an indeterminate amount of time, I want it to be home. Besides, if it looks beautiful, it’ll fetch a higher price when the time comes to upgrade.
I’d like to stay with LED lighting, but something nice. I found some LED under-cabinet lighting that I feel would be amazing. I read a post a while ago about someone taking an LED light track from IKEA, removing the converter and wiring it directly into their RV. I plan to try the same and see how they work.

The picture of the display looks weird because these LED pot lights have 16 colours, and it was on blue, and behind a plate of plexiglass. It actually was quite nice on the eyes. The strips in the top picture will do nicely under the lip of the new counters.
I need to figure out what to do for the lighting in the bathroom yet. I’d like to get a hold of a standard fixture, and convert it to LED, but I’ll need to do some research on that.
In the bathroom, we’re changing out the counter as well, and I’m getting rid of the nasty vanity in there. I’d like to change it out for something nicer such as this:
It’s narrow, and roughly the same depth as the vanity currently in the RV, but will serve me better than the current one.
So far, these are all just planning, and idea stage. nothing written in stone yet, aside from the new counters that is. Any tips, tricks, or suggestions are welcome!

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