Money and the Open Road

I just created a page detailing how we make money to survive and live a Fulltime lifestyle. However, I would really like to go more into detail about Megan’s business.


Megan sells an amazing makeup product called, Younique. It is in fact, an MLM. When she first considered joining, I was quite skeptical, as I’ve never had any luck with MLM’s. Between the high cost to join, and the monthly minimums required to keep your business running, I figured she was in for a losing battle.

Turns out, thankfully, I was quite wrong about Younique. It’s not your standard MLM, and Megan started making money right away. There are no monthly minimums, but you do need to sell a very minimum amount in a three month span to keep your business active. Like, sell (or buy) around $100 worth of product, every three months.

You also get paid within three hours of making a sale! So, need money right away? Sell some product! This actually helped us out on more than one occasion where we wanted to do something, but the budget didn’t allow it. The commissions, and royalties are great, and increase as you move up. Commissions are paid within three hours and royalties (the percentage you earn from your down line) is paid out once a month.

That’s not the only perks either. You don’t need to be a presenter to earn free makeup. Host a party online, Megan does all the work, and you get all the perks of a qualifying party!

Then there are the products. Even as a guy, I can appreciate the products. They’re actually really good, all natural, and did I mention really really amazing?




The above images are just the Touch Mineral Concealer and 3D Fiber Lash products. So you get your money’s worth out of these products, and if you were to think about them as a business venture, you get paid to use something that even I know you’ll love.


If you want more information on this company, and these products, head over and say hello to Megan!

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