My family is with me in Vancouver!

It’s been just over a week since I flew back to Calgary, grabbed a 6×12 uhaul trailer, loaded it up, and drove my family out to BC.

I’ve been very busy because of this, and work, but things are moving along now.
Getting back to Calgary was good, and the weather wasn’t terrible. It was however, cooler than I was expecting, and stepping out the airport startled me! I guess three months in Vancouver’s warmer climate has made me something of a wuss!
I spent the next couple days visiting with friends, and snuggling with my family. I wasn’t able to grab the trailer until Friday morning at 11am. I then worked at getting it packed until about midnight, and then I was back up at nine in the morning to finish so we could get on the road. I think I may have broken a one or two laws of physics in this pack. Seriously. I packed half a garage, and two bedrooms into the trailer, and the back of the truck. I also added a couch, and loveseat, as well as a dining table that I wasn’t really expecting.
Once we were packed up, it was time to get on the road!
Miya is excited and ready to go!


But she didn’t last very long…



Quick pitstop to change a bum, and stretch legs.


Miya enjoying some yummy blackberries!


We made it to Rogers Pass, undoubtedly, the most dangerous section of the highway in wintertime. Good thing we’re travelling in the spring.
we stopped for the night just outside of Revelstoke at this awesome Chateau called, Three Valley Lake Chateau. We’ve always driven past it, and always wanted to stay for a night. With a two year old, the days of travelling the entire trip in a day are gone. No toddler will sit for 12-14 hours solid. Ever. We got a great deal through Expedia, and stayed for the night.




The chateau is surrounded by mountains, and all of the rooms face into the courtyard. It’s immaculately maintained. The rooms are a touch dated, but from what we heard, ours was one of the more recent renovations. We had leather chairs whereas others had something else apparently.



Miya even made a friend of a three year old guest. Her parents were pretty cool too.











It’s tough to see in the picture above, but there’s a waterfall coming down the side of the mountain.




An indoor garden for the more gloomy days. only thing it was missing in our opinion was a water feature.



Miya really loved this moose.


This tree is still alive and well, and the building was built around it.


I seem to be missing the pictures from our visit to the Ghost Town, so I think they’re on the Nikon, rather than my phone. I’ll get those uploaded soon. I’ll continue on with the trip in another post soon!


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