Prep work time again!

The past few months have been rather taxing during the winter months. Getting into the RV to do anything has been very difficult with Liam and his teething, as well as limited light, and constant rain.

Now, things are warming up, and while Liam only has four teeth currently, he’s not a needy as he has been. We also came up across another roadblock, which may have been a blessing in disguise. The company I was working for decided to release me, and my sales guy. So, I’ve been unemployed since February 1st. I filed for EI, and now I’m getting it, and I can more realistically look for an appropriate job.
Currently, everything hiring is paying less than what I make on EI, at least here on the island, and we have no intention of moving to the mainland where costs of living will more than double what we have now.

A few days ago, my wife told me that while she has been back and forth on the idea of full timing, she thinks now would be the absolute perfect time to take the plunge. This is for several reasons, firstly, I’m not stuck in any one location now as I am not working. Secondly, the cost savings alone are worth going full time.

So, as I build my web hosting business up, we are planning on travelling the island, and hitting up different locations and festivals. It’ll be a bit of a change for me, as I’ve never been unemployed for more than two months in the last 22 years.

So, we have an expected launch date of June 1st, 2016 in the RV. It’s time to heavily renovate what I cannot do after we move in, such as the countertops. All measurements have been taken for the beds (to replace the cushions), the sink has been measured to see what we can replace it with.

I still need to measure out the actual floor space in order to replace the laminate with new flooring.

I also plan on replacing the hot water heater with a new on demand water heater for better showers, but that can be done afterwards as it’s mostly exterior work.

Plenty to do in the next couple months! Stay tuned, as this blog is about to get a boost in posts, but not daily yet.

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