Small update

It’s been about a week since I last posted, and not much has happened. I am settling into the park, and I’ve been very busy with work.

Last night, I was in bed, and I just couldn’t stop thinking. I was trying to plan out some of my renovations I am planning for this RV to update it, and make it more at home. I’m glad that the countertops didn’t come in before I left now. It has given me some time to use the space and decide how I want to get things done.

Last weekend, I wanted to convert the fridge door into a chalkboard, and in the Travel Trailer, it was as simple as undoing a couple screws and pulling the wood panel out to be painted. In this RV, that is not the case. There are no screws, and the frame is a single piece that has been wrapped around the entire door. This means I have to paint the door inside.

I need to stop by a Home Depot and find a roll on chalkboard paint now. I did try to use the spray paint, but it makes such a mess. I’m glad I learned this before completing not only the counters, but the floor as well.

One of my thoughts, away from the fridge, is of what I want to do about the stainless steel appliances. Talking it over with my wife, a Brushed Nickel would look great with the new counters. I also need to replace the faucet as it leaks a bit from the tap. So, I am thinking about painting the sink with a Rustoleum paint, and replacing the faucet with a brushed nickel one. I actually found a couple great sites for how to do this, and I hope that it’ll work well, and look good. I don’t need to rush, but it is a day project. So, if I start in the morning, I could have a new sink by the evening. One day without water isn’t too bad.

These are things I can do without the new counters for now, so I’m looking forward to that project. I’m also going to get started on sanding the walls and filling in holes this weekend as prep for painting. I’m going to have to do this in sections when I paint so I can still live in here, and be in one area while another is drying.

My biggest hurdle I think will be Loki, my cat. He may be a little grey in spots if he decides that being close to wet paint is a good idea. Then there is trying to keep his hair off the walls as well.

This should be interesting.

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