Taking the van out for the weekend – Finally!

So, I get to take the van out this weekend. My grandparents are having their 50th wedding anniversary, and it’s a four hour drive north with my girlfriend. It should be interesting to say the least. My family gets to see the van, and I get to see what the gf thinks of it. Something tells me that she wouldn’t be on board for living in it, but with her possibly moving in with me, our combined incomes will make life a whole lot easier on both of us, and I can really get to work on my upgrades to the van. That way it’s easier to use for hunting and such as well.

This weekend will be my first long distance trip, as the last couple trips have only been about an hours drive away. I’ll be four hours one way this weekend, here’s hoping that DD is happy to make the trip!

I think that by the fall, I should at the very least have the reflectix installed, and the furnace fixed. Purchasing and wiring a couple new house batteries will be next after that. I want to make this trip as comfortable for her as possible so that she can see that travelling in a van for vacations would be great rather than flying, and hotels. Especially on the way to Alaska.

However, we’re planning a trip in January for her birthday to Dominican Republic, and the van couldn’t drive there! lol

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