Tent Camping – A Fun Pastime!

Even when you live in an RV, getting out and camping in a tent can be a very enjoyable experience! We spent this weekend camping with friends at Brannen Lake RV Park and Campground, and it was quite enjoyable! The grounds are well kept, and we certainly could hear kids having fun in all areas as they scampered around in the trees.

Brannen Lake Campground

The other neat thing is that we found we had more kids showing up, and playing with ours. That’s what is amazing about staying in campgrounds. Kids making friends with other kids just because they saw each other. None of that stuff that seems to happen in a house, where the kids don’t ever see each other because they’re all too caught up in TV or video games.

The lake was nice, but it is certainly a very long walk, so if you stay here and want to go to the lake, you may want to drive. The park at the lake shore is very dated, and only consisted of three things, two of which our kids didn’t even bother looking at. The lake beach itself is nice, the water is clear, it’s just small. It gets smaller as more people show up, and there were about 40 or so people there. It looked like one of those resort beaches where there’s little breathing room.

On the price side, they are pretty standard compared to other grounds. $30/night (based on two people) and kids over five are a dollar each per night. I still find that price (for any park) a little bit surprising but this is the nature of the business!

The sites themselves are well taken care of, and the fire pits were completely clean when we arrived, as well as the site did not have any old trash from previous visitors. That’s always a nice thing to come across, as there are some campgrounds out there that are decidedly less well maintained.

We didn’t have any issues at all while staying, other than our last night where we all had a bit more fun, and were a touch louder. Camp Security had to come tell us to be quiet. That’s okay though, we had no idea of the time, and we were just enjoying each others company, and sharing some good jokes that made us laugh a bit too loud!

Would I stay at Brannen Lake again? I think I would. It was a nice area, with a stocked lake (even if the lake was quite a walk), and off the beaten pat so traffic wasn’t crazy.

Oh! If you’re interested in this tent, we picked it up at Walmart for $98CDN, it fits two queen size mattresses, comes with a beach sun shade tent, and two chairs. I could stand in it easily, but I’m 5′ 10″, so if you’re taller, you’ll duck down a bit. Darn good price.

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