Terminology around the world

I was just googling “campervan living”, and I was surprised to see that almost every link was for places outside North America. If you google “vandweller”, mostly links in North America.

As I was reading, I noticed a couple other things, such as how we say “boondocking”, or “dry camping”, they say “wild camping”.

There is so much information out there all over the world that can help people out, but it’s all in how the writer words it. Strange honestly. It kinda makes me want to create a resource. I’ve seen several sites that have some information, but I have yet to locate a site dedicated to a Canadian (I’m Canadian, so I would like some Canadian content!). I would love to find out just how many of the mobile masses are really living up in Canada. I know of a couple people, but nothing in a high number like in the states. The tips and tricks a person can learn are amazing…

Thinking about it right now, there’s another forum that I used to read quite a bit. I think you, my fellow readers might get a kick out of it. It’s about this husband and wife who are trying to get their Canadian citizenship (They’re American), and actually live in a floathouse. Yes, a house that is floating on a lake.

Check it out! While not quite like what we do, it’s still pretty amazing.

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