The Grand Tour

Well, I finally got ahold of a camera. I have no idea what I did with mine, and presume it is in storage somewhere. I took some pictures of the inside of my home, and here you are, a little tour. 🙂

On a side note, I tried to start my furnace yesterday, and I think it needs to be serviced as it wouldn’t start. I can only hope that it’s not too expensive!

On to the Tour!

This is the inside of my home from the front seat

Still looking back:

My counter, with laptop

My bed. It pulls out into a double, and is quite comfy with two people on it

My closet which only hold six shirts well, and more if I cram. The drawers, I bought at Walmart. The top three are for clothes, and the bottom three are for food. The bucket behind with the mesh bag is my laundry basket.

The front of the van from the back. As you can see, I use the top bunk for storage.

I bought this magnetic rack from a home supply shop

Range and furnace. You can see the blue water tank peeking out as well.

Storage under the bed

Pots and pans cupboards

A sink, with hand pump. I have a cover here as well, and that’s where my laptop sits.

A little modification I made so that I don’t have to connect my phone and inverter into the front cigarette lighter. My phone is my alarm clock so having it up front is annoying

One of my trickle charger solar panels wired into the deep cycle battery

Hope you liked my home! I know it’s not a conversion, and it certainly isn’t stealth, but I have never had an issue, and I’ve slept all over the city.

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