Thoughts on the future

I started this blog with the purpose of documenting my journey in vandwelling. Here in Canada, winters are harsh, and vandwelling really might not be practical unless you live on Vancouver Island, or along the coast somewhere. I live in Alberta, just west of the Rocky Mountains. It can get cold here.
I read constantly about others who are living in vans, RV’s, cars, etc, and every single one of them are able to do so, mostly because they live in some warm climate in the United States, or they retired, and became snowbirds, or are free to travel all over because they can work 100% remotely. I have so many bills to pay right now, a child that is now moving back in with me, and a full time job that while I can certainly do the work from home, the company would prefer to spend the money on an office for me to sit here.
If I could move back into my van right now, it would solve the bills issue. It would solve the debt issue, I make decent money, but I am struggling under the weight of debt and bills, and paying rent somewhere I really don’t need to be for myself. It keeps me under the government foot. My son is 10 years old, has a mother that abandoned him, and a van is no where for a child to grow up. Hell, even a Class A RV might be pushing it (Not that I could afford one).
It really has me trying to find ways to live sustainably here in Canada, while also living cheaply, and comfortably for my child. I cannot become mobile as he’ll need stability. It’s kind of ironic that the people who need to save money the most are parents, yet they are the ones that almost every door is closed to. Almost every way out there is about living frugally by yourself.
I started looking into tumbleweed houses today. Something that I can park on a little plot of land somewhere, the only one that seems to be viable could be done, but it’s still so little space for a child. I can’t seem to find any information on rules regarding that type of thing.
This blog may start to take a new direction on living simply while with a child. It may become a very slow process, but a process nonetheless. Once he grows old enough to move out on his own, then, well, I’m sure that I’ll be able to get back to looking into a van live again.
Keep in mind that I will still be updating the van to be livable. It’ll just become more of a bugout van and camping for now. So, something of a part-time vandweller now.

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