Trim has been installed!

It’s taken some time, but children are a priority, and even more-so when they are sick. Yesterday, my wife stained our trim after I was able to get it all cut, and today I installed it.

It looks great! Now, the last piece of the puzzle to get on the road is to get the RV registered and insured. There’s a weird difference between BC and Alberta when it comes to vehicles.

In Alberta, you can yank the plate off an existing registered and insured vehicle for two weeks as long as you keep the bill of sale with you. Here in BC, there is no such thing apparently. The last time that this RV was registered and insured was here in BC, so from what I have been told from a mechanic friend of mine here, I shouldn’t have any issues, unless I meet an ICBC employee on a bad day.

After all, we just tuned it up, and it runs better than my mechanic friends racecar apparently. lol

We are three weeks away from being mobile now, and as I am one to always plan for the worst, we are able to stay with family if ICBC is terrible. I doubt it considering the experiences we’ve had so far, but I’m one to plan. If the worst is to happen, we’ll have time and money to fix it up while staying with family. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but you really never know.

As an extra note, we replaced the tap for the kitchen sink. The old one was terrible, and was the most inflexible ribbed copper pipe you’d ever see. Even the guys at Rona laughed when they saw it. It was 40 years old. I had to add in a fitting to allow the new piping to work. Then I was able to install the sink again. After a day of letting it settle, and cleaning out the putty that would squeeze out, I was able to install the stove again.

Now, we are three weeks away from living our dream! I hope you’ll not only follow us here, but on Facebook and YouTube!

Once we’re in the RV, we’re planning on weekly videos, and posts. Probably more on the posts. It takes time to edit videos.

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