Uh Oh…. Can’t find my ignition key

So I was scrolling Facebook, and someone posted a picture of the two keys that used to be used for vehicles back in the day. My RV being from the 70’s, I have those. So, I was going to post a picture of them.

I look up and grab the keys to the RV, I have all of them on one keychain… except the door and ignition keys. They are missing. I have no idea where they could be. They were (stupidly) the only set I have, and I hadn’t had a chance to get spares cut. This is bad. I have to get the RV out of storage in two weeks because I need it for some work I am doing on the mainland.

Anyone know how easy it is to replace the ignition? If I can’t find the keys, I need to replace them.

And starting to panic….

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