90% complete on painting

I cannot believe what a difference a little painting does!



This past weekend was a four day weekend due to Easter, and I was able to focus on painting. I lost track of time and was painting until about 1am, but the results are certainly worth it. I got to work on the most disruptive part of the job which was the kitchen and dining room wall.

I took advantage of the beautiful days this weekend brought and worked outside on what I could.

The most important thing is light coats. Two coats should be enough, but don’t make it thick. It’ll take longer to dry.

There is not a lot of room in the RV to be moving so much stuff away from one area, so I really wanted to get it done as soon as possible. Now at night, I can see inside the RV a little better as the lighter paint reflects more light, and during the day the RV just seems so much bigger.

I removed the terrible pillars from one side of the kitchen counter, and took down the tacky spice rack as well. Those two items being gone has really opened up the space as well. I painted the wall around the range for now even though it will eventually be covered by new tile, just so it looks complete for now.

The remaining portion of the kitchen is the cabinet doors, and I should have enough paint left to do those four doors. Once that is complete, I have the bedroom area, the one wall in the bathroom, and the loft left. Then the entire RV will be painted!

Once that is all complete, and that most likely won’t be able to happen until next payday, i’ll get to work on painting the range and oven, the overhead vent fan, the sink, and the fridge. My wife and I are thinking of going with a brushed nickel look to accent the new countertops.

After that, it’s on to changing out all the existing lighting for updated lights and LED’s. Eventually, it’ll be onto the ceiling and replacing one section that has become brittle with age, and I’m thinking of using a grey/white wallpaper.

Speaking of wallpapers, I’m seen that decals appear to be making a comeback, and I might look into adding a little flair with some decals on the most bland walls. This project is coming along nicely!

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