Do you have a question about us, or even this lifestyle? You can find the most common questions below! Have a question that is not listed? Feel free to ask on the post that prompted the question, or email us!

Why did you choose to this lifestyle?

We wanted a life where we worked because we wanted to, not because we had to. In our stick built homes, we have always worked hard to just get by. Paying bills on a house that we spent very little time in.

The costs of living in an RV are lower, and we can go anywhere and have our home with us! It's no longer saving up for a vacation, it's simply living.

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How do the children get an education?

Ours are not old enough to be in school just yet, however there are thousands of other Fulltime Families out there who Home School, or "Road School". Home Schooling permits people to educate their children based on the specific criteria of the education board of their home province/state.

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How do you earn money if you are travelling?

Excellent question! This is the most popular question of all! We touch on this in many, many posts over the years. You can read about what Megan does in these posts. As for Randy, these posts.

How do I do this? I want to be free!

The first step, is asking that very question! There are a plethora of blogs and websites out there that can give you a vast wealth of information on how to get started. Find what works best for you situation.

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