All my Past Posts Are Back

So, as you may have noticed on the front page, I had to re-add all of my posts (and sadly lose all my comments) as WordPress wouldn’t allow the size of my export from my old blog that was broken. Even with increasing the size limitation, it just wouldn’t read and import my information.

So, 187 posts later, I have them all in. The good, the bad, the sad, and the ugly.

It’s not a massive amount of posts, considering how long I’ve actually been running this blog. As I was going through the posts, and adding the correct posting dates, I noticed something crazy. I started my blog,, in 2010. I started out on this dream of fulltiming seven years ago as a happy accident that changed my life.

Now, it’s been a lot of false starts, as things just keep cropping up that force a change in plans. There was even a two year period that I didn’t post a single thing on the blogspot page. By the way, if you try to go to that page, it’ll automatically redirect you to this website.

But doing this really got me thinking. I started out in a van by choice, but in terrible circumstances seven years ago, and had the off and on of going back, and getting out, and hoping to go back, and money, and then this, and then that, and on and on…

It’s been a serious pain in the butt, but in those seven years, I have never given up on wanting to get back to that simplicity. Back to that freedom.

Isn’t that what life is about? Living, while you are still alive?

I’ve been in a zombie mode for so many years that I almost forgot what feeling that freedom was like. The yearning was always there, scratching at the back of my mind to get out, I just couldn’t hear it well enough.

Life is funny that way. Thankfully, we are finally getting on the road, and hopefully it’ll be a lot longer this time around, and hopefully in the years, not weeks or months area.

Our plan is to save as much as humanly possible, pay for a fifth wheel or a travel trailer. Either way, it must be a bunkhouse. The kids need a room all their own where they can keep their toys, and watch a movie, or have quiet time. They can still get the quiet time in our RV, but the toys are in the living area.

So, we finish up the renovations that we wanted to complete, and do everything we can to get into something bigger.

During this time, this RV will still be open to a trade to something bigger if someone is looking to downsize! No, we currently will not sell it, not for anything less than a healthy downpayment on a decent used Bunkhouse TT. It is our home, so selling, or selling for super cheap would leave us homeless, and that’s not cool.

Stay tuned!

T-Minus 12 days and counting!

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