Beach day!

We had such a beautiful day here in Tofino! It is a sign of things to come as the spring is rolling trough, and sunny days will begin to become more normal.

This past month has been more rain than sun, and not even the typical rain we became accustomed to in Nanaimo. This has been heavy rain, and we apparently have more of it coming over the next while as well, so, we get out into the sun whenever we can!

It was nice enough to wear shorts, but we still needed a light sweater to cut the breeze coming off the Pacific, however, the tidal pools were warm, and the kids loved every second of the day!

We had blue skies ad bright sun, Bright enough to was out the pictures on my phone a bit, but it made for some neat shadow images!

I found a tidal pool tat was mostly seaweed, ad it felt so est to stick my feet in it! Of course, I still had a, “PLEASE don’t be anything big in there!” thought, having once had a large crab crawl out of one of these when I was a teenager poking my finger in the sand.

I’m still working on how to take a selfie, until then, you get these… haha

We loved this shot! I was tossing Liam up in the air, ad Miya ran over to do a Yoga pose!

There is ALWAYS time for some tag on the beach!

On our way back, Megan found a nice piece of driftwood, and it looks like a Liam sized tomahawk, which he carried like he was out on the hunt through the waters of Tofino.

Then, I heard a excited squeal! Megan had found something weird! She did not want to touch it tough, since we were unsure what it was, so I picked it up. We have learned that it is a harmless Sand Crab since, and I certainly want to find more!


All in all, it was a great day, and with rain in the forecast for the next few days, a welcome reprieve. Soon, we’ll be looking into where the best foraging spots are for food!

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