Beautiful Fifth Wheel, amusing video.

I like to look at what’s out there occasionally, and watch videos on them to see the interior, and not just a floor plan.

I have not had a chance to bring the RV over yet, partially finances, but also the fact that I need it for the last two weeks of September on the mainland. One of my clients is a high security facility, and I cannot work remotely doing the work they require.
I can’t wait until I can get the RV completed, and sell it then buy a nice new fifth wheel for the family. If you recall from this post, My wife and I had gone out and looked at RV’s to see what would work for us as a family, and we fell in love with the 2015 Elkridge 37 ULTA by Heartland RV. It was outside of our price range at that time, and currently it’s still outside the price range. That doesn’t mean we can’t dream, and plan.
My wife was mentioning that she saw the interior of the 2016 Elkridge, and it was amazing. I haven’t found it just yet (I have only found a 2015 and a half), but I found the advertisement from Heartland about them. It’s a good ad, but there is one spot that makes you stop and ask yourself if the guy actually just said that… Especially when 2015 seems to be the year that people are getting offended about absolutely everything.
Have a look below, can you catch what I’m talking about?
Personally, I don’t care. I think the thought is that when it comes to interior design, women do better than men do. Yes, there are some great male interior designers out there, but honestly… There are sometimes that a woman’s touch is better. Heck, the colour pallet in my RV was chosen by my wife.
At the end of September, I’ll finally have the RV over here, and finally be able to start working on it. Looking forward to that. There’s even some shops around town that deal with RV Solar that I can build up the electrical with when I get to that point. Looking forward to that for sure!

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