Been AFK… Sorry!

Hey there folks,

For my faithful followers, I apologize! I have been very AFK for some time, and I haven’t been posting, nor doing any work to the van.

Lots has occurred in the past while, and it all has me settled even firmer into my life in a stick built. My son is back, and I need to provide the best, most stable environment for him in order to make sure that his neglectful mother doesn’t end up with him again. Okay, bear with me, I know this will have nothing to do with this blog, but….

My kids mother is awful. She dropped him off on my doorstep two years ago, and has talked to him in total about 12 times in two years. Usually, every few months, she will send me a Facebook message telling me how she wants to talk to him, and how she never gets to, etc. I (yet again) tell her the number he can be reached at, and the best times to call. Then… nothing…

The last time here was August 28th. She asks what a good number to call is. Well, she has my cell, and as we were moving, there was no other number, but I suggest to her that she can use Skype if she is concerned about the cost of talking to her own son, but that we would have a new number on the first. She responds with, “I don’t have Skype.” I reply back with, “It’s a free download.”

We haven’t heard from her since. I have told my son that he can call her if he wants, he says, “I know”, and never does. He’s ten.

What kind of mother does that?

Anyways, DD is happily parked on our front pad, and ready for winter. I never did get the chance to check out the furnace this summer, but I’ll be looking into it perhaps next spring. I still want to use this for other things. Hunting with it would be good. Not needing to be chilly, and actually cook some food. Oh yeah. 🙂

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