Dealing with naysayer family members

I expected that some of our family would be resistant to this whole idea, and it’s expected naturally. We’re planning on something that is outside the norm.

However, today was something special. Nothing can prepare you, not a single thing that anyone, including myself can say to help prepare you for some people’s reactions…

So, last night, my wife told her mother about our plan, and in true to herself fashion, she got ticked off, and cut the call short.

Well, we decide to let her process and jabber to the rest of the family as she is known to do as a gossipy gossip girl. Then get over it.

Well, apparently, that wasn’t the case. We want you to see the things you might have to endure. A little bit of history though before you read on. The wife’s mother is a special case that has, is, and will always be about what affects her, and she’ll say and do whatever she can to keep things in her favour. We learned this from her sisters on the past story, but it’s just who she is. The wife kept me from contacting her as she knows that I would have not only ripped her apart, but belittled her as I don’t stand for anyone trying to tell me, nor my family how to live.

So, mom in-law decided to try and use our children as leverage in saying that what we are planning on doing is terrible and will ruin their lives. That it’s selfish and terrible and will fail. That we are being irresponsible, and basically terrible people. She also tried the whole, “I’m ashamed of you” thing as well.

Funny thing is, this is coming from the most irresponsible person I have met in a long time. Someone who is deeply in debt for doing things like buying over $100 worth of bedding rather than pay an overdue utility bill, and gets her gas cut off.

These type of people are everywhere. They don’t grasp it and if they’re in your family, look past what they are speaking, and deeper into what they are saying. Mom in-law is trying everything she can to prevent us from traveling because she thinks we will be abandoning her, and taking her grandchild away from her. It’s the same story we heard when we decided to move from the city out to the country. An hours drive away from her.

The “me me me me” attitude is very common with her. The same thing occurred when we were planning our wedding. She didn’t shut up until the wedding was at her home rather than in British Columbia, or Ontario.

Selfish people don’t see past their own needs.

She got over it.

Don’t lose hope if you end up with a parental figure that acts like an immature little 12 year old. Follow your path.

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