In between the posts about this lifestyle are going to be posts about life, in this lifestyle.

Everyone wants to know what you do for work when you live fulltime in an RV.

Well, Megan has her successful online business. The product she sells is called Younique, and it is an amazing product. Not just in the product itself, but in the company, the support, and what it has done for Megan as a person.

Very few MLM’s can ever even hope to claim the change in their presenters, that Younique has had on Megan.

We made a fun video yesterday, and it took until this morning to actually get it uploaded, but with all the Pokemon Go! craze going on, I think that you may have a bit of fun, and laughter with this video.

This is Younique. This is what it does to people. Megan was a brash, yet shy woman before Younique. Now, she’s all about fun.

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