First Shower – the results

I got the hot water heater up and running about an hour ago, and had my first shower. The results? Fast. Maybe I didn’t let it warm up enough, but I figured an hour would suffice. The hot water was hot, and the pressure was awesome. It just didn’t last long.

I’m sure this is due to the hot water heater being small, so I’ll be looking into an on demand heater for the future. If I’m hooked up to city water, I want to shower as long as I want! I enjoyed the first shower immensely, and it was so awesome to shower in my RV. As you may know, I didn’t have a bathroom in my van, so this is the first time that I have done this.
I did buy a new shower head that has a shut off switch built right into it, and I can save on water that way. It also has a bigger head to give more room to bathe in which is awesome.
I’m looking forward to making coffee in the morning, and relaxing a bit before I make the final leg of the journey into Vancouver. Once there, I’ll get settled, and get ready to start working on Tuesday!

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