First venture into Vancouver

I had a couple meetings today downtown Vancouver, so I finally got to hop on the SkyTrain. I must have looked really perplexed while staring at the ticket machine because a girl came over and asked me if I needed help.

She explained how the system worked with the “Zones”, and which ticket I would need to buy in order to get to where I was going, and how to switch trains when I needed. Lifesaver! Thank you random woman!

Most of the SkyTrain stations are beautiful. Lots of life just growing.

 Oh, and these trains are all automated. There is no driver. The whole system is automatic, with sensors, and the like. The trains arrive, doors open, doors close and the head on. The only problem (as I witnessed many years ago, is that if some idiot decides to take a stroll on the tracks, the entire system shuts down.

I left quite early because I don’t really know the timing yet, and I wanted to have a look around as well. After locating my destination, I wandered around a bit. The first thing that is apparent about Vancouver, is the amount of beggars on the street. Some sleeping right on the sidewalk, others playing guitar with no shoes… It’s really something that you don’t see in any of the ads about any city, and it’s always a bit of a shock to see. Vancouver has more homeless than Calgary due in part to it’s size, and also the temperate climate.

On the brighter side, Vancouver is beautiful. It is raining today, but it’s not a heavy rain. The flowers and greenery is amazing, especially for someone from a city that won’t start to show it’s first signs of green until April.

There’s even flower shops on the street corners. I saw three different ones within four blocks.

Then there is the amazingly beautiful transit stations downtown. I’m so in awe of this one that i happened by. There are many cities out there that could step up their game a bit. The stations in Calgary are basically cement, and steel. Very industrial.

Yes, I know that not every city can have Cherry Blossoms growing, but come on now. Efforts could be made to make the stations something that people will stop and look at and actually enjoy. Just that little bit of happiness in the daily trudging.

Oh, and there are Tulips, and Daffodils growing everywhere.

What a beautiful city. I’m becoming more and more happy I moved to BC.

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