Flooring has been bought!

As we continue to gear up with our renovations, we need to make sure we get the materials we need when we can get them.

Rona had a sale this week on their laminate flooring. Buy one, get one half off. We needed four, so we really only paid for three.

The next step is to get some power running to the RV so I have power and heat to work. I need to buy a 30amp to 15amp converter plug so I can get those basics running. They’re only about $8.00, and then I need the extension cords to run the power to where the RV is. I need two 15 meter cords as the RV is about 80 feet from the nearest outlet.

We went with a lighter grain, but not super light. It should complement the countertop nicely.

I’ll get an image up soon, blogger won’t upload from an iPad apparently.

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