Floors and Trim Complete. More Painting.

We finally got the flooring completed, and bought some metal guards for the edges near the steps and front of the flooring where it was open and at risk of coming apart if we didn’t add it in. One more thing checked off the list! Now, onto the Painting!

Yesterday, we took a trip over to the local Rona and Miya picked out a colour for her loft, and after taping and filling in the nail holes I found, it was time to start painting! I left the painting to my wife and daughter as a fun thing to do together, and the colour sure pops!



Today, the next coat goes on, and then Miya will be able to add her new stickers to it. We picked out the stickers yesterday as well, and I gave her the option of either butterflies, or stars. She picked the stars, but I know she’ll like the butterflies as well, so I bought both.

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