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Having a look through my stats is always interesting, and seeing how readers get to my blog is interesting as well. One that recently afforded me a few visitors was a post from 2008 that I think is pretty good, and provides some food for thought:

An excerpt:

Van Dwelling: Is it for you?

Vandwelling is a concept that I see becoming more viable for those who
are single and without a family to care for. Even a retired couple could
exist peaceably in a larger van. For families, substitute an RV or a
Motorhome for the van.
However you are housed currently, mortgage or rental, the costs of that
form of shelter most likely consume up to 34% of your income each month.
This does not include utilities.
Now, I know you are asking “Why would I want to do this?”
Lower cost of living
Save money for buying your retreat land
Not tied to a fixed location
More Freedom
Face it. When you rent, the landlord tells you what you must do and
can’t do. When you buy a house, everyone gets to tell you what to do:
City Ordnances, Property Taxes, Mortgage Payments. Its like a form of
enslavement that keeps you tied to a 8 or 10 hour workday, with you know
how much commute time.
The cost of rent for a one bedroom apartment where I live is a minimum
of $675.00 per month, and a decent 3 bedroom house no less than $1275.00
per month. $15,000.00 per year is a nice savings and you could buy a
real nice piece of land in a few years time. Or a not so nice piece
(junk land) real quickly along with some improvements.
So let’s say you have a mortgage. What do you do, just walk away? Sell
your home? Neither just yet. The best bet would be to lease out your
home for a year while you try living in the van. If you can not adjust
to the smaller quarters within that year, you can move back into your
home without its loss. You might also be able to negotiate parking
rights so that you do not have to hunt for a place to overnight.
If it all works out and you like your new arrangements, you can sell
your home, buy some land, and move to it permanently or part time.
The cost of fuel keeps going up and up. The cost of feeding yourself and
your family keeps going up. That mortgage or rent payment would go a
long way to keep fuel in your vehicle and food in your family’s stomach.
Sure, living in a vehicle is cramped, but it can be done for quite a bit
less than conventional housing. Spend time at the library, the gym, the
theatre, visit friends. Use the out of doors to break up the time you
spend in the van so that it doesn’t feel like a prison.”
Follow the link for the rest, but this is a pretty good post.

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