Hope, BC

I’ve settled into a little town called Hope, for the evening. Stallone fans may recognize this little town from his movie, First Blood. Yep, it was shot here in Hope, BC, Canada. Much like every American movie that needs more than a tree or two, Canada gets top picks. We have 1/10th the population of the USA, and are the second largest country in the world. We’re bound to have some nice scenery.

Here’s where I am parked for the night. Now that I have gotten permission to give a shoutout, I want everyone who reads this blog to seriously consider camping at the Coquilhalla Campground in Hope if you are ever in the area. Seriously, don’t travel through Hope without staying at least a night. Just look at what I had! 

That’s right! This is Canada, and there is NO SNOW! It reached 17C/62F today, and that is a wonderful change from the temperatures I have dealt with in Calgary. I’m all settled in now, with power water, and sewer. Now that I am away from the dangers of freezing, I’ve de-winterized the plumbing, and also learned a valuable lesson. Check all connections.

Back to the campground, the price is great for full hookup, and it’s so quiet! After parking and getting settled at my site, I went for a walk. Believe me when i tell you that it’s a ten minute walk to the main strip. You feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere at the grounds, and you’re not far from anything at all. If I could manage it, this is the campground I would make home.

The previous owner did not put one of the connections to the water pump on tight, so it leaked… a lot. I was outside, so I didn’t notice it until there was a sizeable puddle inside. I got it taken care of, and all the water soaked up the best I could, but now I think that getting the floors done, may come a lot sooner. My bad for not being more conscious of that…
I went for a walk today around the town, and it is beautiful. I’ve stopped here for gas a lot, but never stayed, so this is my first time exploring this town. From what I gather, employment comes from either Forestry, or Nestle’. That, coupled with being a two hour drive away from anything, might be what is leading to the steady decline in population here. 
I have to say though, if I could, I would totally make this my home town.
Plants are already blooming here!
Also, watch for bears. You’re in the friggin mountains after all.

Just a town park. Does it look like anything you’ve been to in a town?

The amount of chainsaw art around this town is amazing. I wish I had such a talent….

You know you’re in a small town when the theatre only has three movies to choose from.

More wood carvings

So, i didn’t know this. Apparently, Izu, Japan is Hope, BC’s sister city. probably has something to do with the mountains?

Fraser River. Fishing is amazing on this river.

Just because you’re in a small town in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t mean you can’t charge your electric car! Tesla charging stations!

For those reading that may be Freemasons, there’s a lodge here that meets on the first Monday of the month 🙂

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