Just about ready

It’s been a slow process for sure. Between the odd engine issue, and a few unexpected items eating up finances, we’re finally very close to being able to head out.

It’s been a lifesaver to have friends and family help out in areas we’ve needed help, such as a spot to park in order to get everything sorted out, and mechanical assistance. Most, if not all RV parks do not allow engine work to be done on premise, and we would have been in quite a spot if we broke down in an RV park. We should hopefully be ready in the next week or so.

The biggest problem now, is that the next couple months are the most expensive months for parks as the volume is higher, so they can charge more. It’s a sad, but necessary thing.

While our plans have changed somewhat in that we are not going to be able to fully travel this year, other than days off, we are still fulltiming, and have been working on a balanced budget that will allow us to save money and get the expenses taken care of.

I’ve been looking into other things as well, and have recently updated the Wish List with the type of deep cycle batteries that we can fit in the battery compartment, and the idea for solar power.

Eventually being able to get solar going on the RV will allow us to head out and boondock in places, without the need to live in the dark if we don’t want to stay in a park for a weekend.

In other news, I may be starting a new job soon in Nanaimo, which is why our travel plans are changing. Until I am able to get my company off the ground, it’s more difficult to secure finances while traveling. We’re not accustomed to living on a small amount, and now that we need to save up again, we need that work.

We’ll still travel, but it’s going to be short excursions as the schedule permits.

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