Just bought!

Well, I have a new home for when I go out to BC!

This is a 1976 Dodge, and the previous owner has four kids. They used it all last summer before they bought their new motorhome, which is a toyhauler and better suited to their lifestyle.

I’ll be changing out all the light fixtures for LED’s, and pulling up the laminate off the floor, and replacing with a new stick on laminate that looks like hardwood. I’ve used it before, and it’s awesome stuff. Here’s what you see when you first walk in. The dinner table.

 The pictures do not really do it justice as it’s quite roomy inside. The bed above the cab is very large. Plenty of room for two adults, the table turns into another bed, and the couch in the back yet another.

The previous owner also built a little bed for across the seats in the cab, so that can become yet another bed.

Under the table seats are two 25 gallon fresh water tanks which are connected, but they each have their own filling port on the outside. It also has grey and black water tanks, a new toilet and a shower.

This couch area turns into a bed as well, and will probably be my regular sleeping area.

The bathroom is small, which is to be expected, but it has a shower, and new toilet. The old one was starting to lean around a seal apparently.

A look inside from the bathroom.

The stove is a three burner range, with an oven, I have dual sinks, and a decent sized 3-way fridge.

 Right as you walk in, the step is hollow, and that’s where the two house batteries are located. I’ll be able to set up the solar power on it as soon as I buy a kit!

Front ball for moving a boat into the water. Smart idea!

The roof looks like it should be re-tarred, so I’ll get on that once it’s warm out.

The whole thing runs off a standard 110v plug oddly. The previous owner says that when plugged in, you can run the air conditioner, but just be mindful of anything else. They were able to run the A/C, as well as their 32 inch TV and a Play Station at the same time, but never tried more than that.

I may have to look into what it would take to switch to a 30amp. I won’t have a bunch of electronics running, but I’d like to be sure I have enough power for what I will have.

So, there won’t be too many more pictures of the motorhome until I pay it off. The previous owner was willing to do a payment plan, but for obvious reasons, I can’t take it until I own it outright.

Which is more than fair.

I will however see if he’ll permit me to at least do some stuff with it during this time. It’ll be paid off March 1st!

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