One of the biggest questions when it comes to full time life on the road is, “What do you do for work?


This is not an easy answer as absolutely everyone has a different idea, different skills, different ambitions, and different goals.

The one thing that I know for us is that our work needs to be mostly, if not entirely online.

Megan has her very own Younique business, which she is doing quite well at, and if you are interested in learning more, please look at the following links:


Megan’s Younique Page

Megan’s Facebook Page (You need to request access to see it. It’s where all the amazing deals go. Some silly Facebook law prevents it from being allowed to be public)

I have a startup company called Salus Security. I am a Security Engineer by trade. The easiest way to explain what I do, is that I keep the bad guys out of a corporations network. This means that I am the one to assist a company with building the best defense against hacking that they can have.

The best part about what I do, is that no company needs me there on a daily basis, and I can work remotely. I have completed work on sites that are in Mexico, Argentina, and even Brazil. I started my company after working for a similar one that forced me to lie to our clients as they believed that appearance was everything. This year, that company has released most of its staff, and is run by three people now.

There are a few clients that found out through my sales guy, that I was traveling to their sites in an RV to be close, and they LOVED it. They were amazed at that type of dedication to their company. If I need to be at a particular area for a few days, it’s just easier, and cheaper to travel there with my home.

Why lie about that? Why lie about your dedication to a client? A dedication that makes you travel to them, at little to no cost to them?

This is what we are about. We travel, we work. We live.

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