Moving soon!

Well, I got the job that I mentioned, and we’ll be moving from Calgary, AB to Vancouver, BC sometime in Q1 of 2015. Q1 means the first quarter of the year, of three months. We are planning for a mid-March move, and have moved out of our old place and in with my wife’s mother in order to try and save money prior to the move.

We originally wanted to move out to Vancouver Island, and stay with my parents for a year to aggressively save money and buy a house on the Island where I could be centrally located to work, and family. However, my company doesn’t feel that will be a viable option for them as my job will have me in Vancouver more than anywhere else.

This gets us back on the path that we were looking at previously, which is a travel trailer, or even a fifth-wheel. Exciting!

Saving up is going to be tougher right now as we are trying to catch up on bills that got away from us due to some financial issues thanks to losing employment for two months. we’re almost there! We’ll also be consolidating our debt’s in order to get one lower monthly payment, and have more money to work with every month.

So, it’s back to the drawing board, and looking for a great starter bunkhouse model!

Stay tuned!


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