New Employment Opportunity

Yesterday, we met the new owners of the resort where we are situated. They’re great people, and we get along well with them. They’re younger, and closer to our age, so we can have more in common with them.

The one owner that I met so far, Ryan, is really cool, and I hear the other owner is equally as cool.

This morning, before the day started, I walked out to the beach and just stared at the ocean. It was quiet as most people were either still in bed, or relaxing and having breakfast. No one was on the beach.

While I was staring out at the abyss, Ryan had seen me from the resort (easy to see in my coveralls with the reflective strips), and came over to tell me that they wanted to offer Megan and I employment. We would still work off our site, but much easier than before, and we get a paycheque, with EI and CPP contributions. We just need to figure out what price would be fair for not only us as a family, but for the campground. That last part wasn’t said, but it’s obvious. This is still a business after all.

So, we have a few days to try and figure this out.

I still need to figure out a few things, but they also want me to assist in building the new wireless network for the entire resort, since right now, there is only wireless in the cabins, and nothing in the RV park. Oh, and that wireless costs $4/day for two devices.

Ryan (new owner) completely understands that it’s unacceptable. “It’s 2017”, were his actual words. So, I have a plan…

They want not only wifi, but video security, and I am partnered (through my company I started) with a company that provides both, which work perfectly together, right down to being able to control the cameras from your phone; from anywhere you have an internet connection. Now to figure out just what they need to make the entire park work.

So, now to figure all that stuff out.

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