Not too much to report

It’s been quiet here for a bit, mostly because I have been so busy with an issue affecting a clients site in Mexico. I even worked for 12 hours yesterday on what should be my day off trying to get the site back online. It’s been rough!

On Friday, I sanded and painted my furnace cover and the A/C hood. I found a dark grey, and I think it works well as an accent.

Today, I’m listening to music, and cleaning up the RV. I did some more sanding today on the cabinet doors that still need to be painted for the kitchen. I need to wait to buy more paint sadly. This next week is supposed to be beautiful, with no rain, so I’m a little sad I can’t get the rubber roof mix to reseal the roof of the RV. It would be fantastic to be able to get that done. Most of the roof is bare metal currently, and the paint that was up there is peeling away. Thankfully, the first month and a half out here has proven there’s no leaks, but I’d like to reseal regardless.

I was hoping to go down to the waterfront yesterday, but I couldn’t because of work, and today is scheduled for other things. Perhaps next weekend. It’s going to get to 21C/70F today, and I’m loving that! It’s so sunny, and the breeze is just right. That is my perfect temperature.

My kitty, Loki, has been enjoying being outside today, and has spent about four hours so far just hanging out. He was digging a hole earlier to lay in, so it must have been warm for him. Maybe I’ll give him a trim and thin out that long hair for the summer…

Loki started to dig in the dirt, and find himself a cool spot to lay down. Once he was covered in dirt, he happily bolted inside the RV, then came back out after a couple minutes of shedding the dirt.

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