Oh, I have been so darn busy

Hey all,

I apologize for the posts being so few and far in between this past month. One of my clients had major network melt-downs in Mexico, and most of my waking time has been spent on trying to repair the network, the rest on trying to locate a home for my family.

On the finding a home front, I emailed my boss last week about the fact that I am pushing further and further away from Vancouver in an effort to find something that is affordable, and in a safe place for my family. I noted that I am now looking at over two hours commute for a crummy place that I share with someone else living in either an upper or lower suite. The houses are aging terribly, and the last one I looked at had a weird layout, and smelled musty in one room, and another room needed extensive repair to be livable.

That one cost $1500/month. The cheapest I have found so far that would suit my family. Oh, and the backyard was completely paved. No grass.

So, I asked that I either receive a raise to reflect the fact that I am now living in the most expensive city in Canada, or they relax, and let me move to Vancouver Island, where i have found full 4-5 bedroom houses for 1200-1400/month with huge yards and views of the ocean.

On Monday, my boss said he would talk it over with his partner, and get back to me the next day. I still haven’t heard back.

So, we are moving to the Island. On the mainland, I’m looking at houses that are now two and a half hours commute without traffic, as opposed to two hours from the Island with traffic.

They’ll either need to deal with it, or let me go. I updated my profile online the day before yesterday, just because I hadn’t done so in a long time, and I’ve been hammered with calls and job offers ever since. There’s a market for what I do, and I won’t go hungry. I enjoy the company I work for, and the variety I get. I would prefer to stay with them, and that choice will be up to them. I have two weeks until I am supposed to bring my family out here, and when I asked for consideration, I had three weeks, and heard nothing. I really don’t care if the CEO is busy, when an employee reaches out, presents the facts, and alternatives, as well as welcomes ideas he may not have thought of, you need to get back to him asap.

I’ve been in contact with both of them since that email, and the topic was avoided. Oh well.

I can’t bring my family out to live with me in this RV as it is too small for a family of four. The company needs to deal with my choice of where I live. Especially since I work 95%+ from home anyways.

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