One week

It’s been a week since I drove to BC, and left my beloved family in Alberta. I have to say, it feels like it’s been a month.

I can’t believe how much I miss my family. hopefully, I will be able to pick up my cat from my cousin in-law tomorrow. I need a snuggler.

Today, I got paid thankfully, so I went out and bought a couple necessities and got my hair cut and highlighted. The nice older lady said it was no longer common for guys to get highlights, and she was excited to do it. I think it has to do with the media beating up on guys a lot in the last few years for taking care of themselves, and “manscaping”. Yes, we want to look good too, and no; just because we care what we look like doesn’t mean we’re gay. Thanks media.

The cost of looking good for a guy has certainly skyrocketed in the past few years, A cut and highlights used to cost me $60, now it costs $90 (plus tip if it’s a good job). I hate to think what it costs for a woman…

I shopped for a few things afterwards that I needed, and then walked home. It’s a 3km walk from the store to my RV, so for a guy that hasn’t been doing a lot of walking, it’s a lot of walking! Thankfully, it’s a beautiful walk through a park. Trees, flowers, and streams. The stream directly behind my RV park hosts Salmon, and Steelhead, plus a host of other fishes. I need to figure out the restrictions here now, and get my fishing license.

Once I got home, I decided it was time to clean. I bought biodegradable dish soap, and a few containers for food stuffs. Then I chatted with my neighbour, Robert, for a bit. He’s another full timer, and really cool. In his 60’s, and super social. I need that, being an introvert can be tough sometimes.

I contacted a friend of mine who still works at Shaw, to see if it’s possible to use an extender to boost the ShawOpen signal. Now to wait. If not, I’m certainly needing to save for the Wifi Ranger. I get a signal at my site, but it’s sporadic, and a pain in my ass. I have gone into the building to get a better signal, but when you have to talk to a client, and other people wander in and blast the TV while chatting above it and eating lunch… it is certainly not a professional phone call anymore.

It doesn’t take long to clean such a small area, but there is the stopping to think about how you’re going to renovate certain areas, and checking with the expert/boss. The boss by the way, is my beautiful wife. I can admit that. I’m a guy, and men are a lot like Windows 3.1, we can only see in 16 colours. She’ll be able to make this RV look better than I ever could.

I connected to the TengoInternet for the meantime so I could listen to music. I didn’t even think about transferring my music off my computer to my external drive before I left. I listen to Songsa, and it’s a great service. Allows me to choose the mood, in order to build a compilation suitable to what i am doing.

Now to finish cleaning, and dancing around my RV.

Have a great weekend!

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