Outdoor Camp Oven 2 Burner Range and Stove

You’ve always wanted an oven when camping – Now you can with the Outdoor Camp Oven. Don’t let its compact size fool you. The Outdoor Camp Oven features over 18,000 total BTU’s, the twin burners and spacious oven have plenty of power to get your cooking/baking done right. This stove’s folding lid is designed with portability in mind. This camp oven is loaded with features. It is just perfect for your cabin, summer camping, or RV.
Perfect for muffins, cookies, casseroles, and Dutch oven dishes. Simplify your life with the Outdoor Camp Oven.

Well, well, well. For those of us that didn’t get an oven built into our little mobile homes, it looks like this is ideal. Not only does it come as an oven to cook, there’s a range on top.

How about that! I like that I have a three burner range, but sometimes, I’d like to bake something, and I can’t. Well, this has been added to my wish list!

A portable, propane powered oven and stove. I love that. It’s the little things that make living in anything other than a conventional home more civilized, and let you see that you CAN have the nice things. The thing I like about this over having it built in, is that on those hot days when I still want to cook, I take it outside and cook, rather than heating up the van even more. Talk about convenience! Try and do that in a house!

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