Places to visit

While we are still in the planning stages of this possible new journey, my wife is looking at possible places that we could stay while we travel. As I had mentioned before, IF we do decide to go forward with this plan, we’ll be working remotely. Well, I’ll be working remotely as my profession is capable of it. My wife would like to remain home with our children. This is an amazing opportunity! Our children can grow and learn about different areas by experiencing them rather than just reading about them, and homeschooling is not too difficult with a stay at home mom! 😉

So here are our thoughts on places to visit! Many will be blank for now, but I’m listing all of our provinces. Any thoughts on beautiful locations would be appreciated!

CANADA (Where we are citizens)

British Columbia


We’ve done plenty of camping here as this is where we live, but who knows about in the future!





New Bruinswick

Nova Scotia (Even has a “Work to Stay” program!) (Wife says it’s great!)


Prince Edward Island

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