Rain, and beautiful walks

It’s been raining for a day and a half so far, and the sound of the rain on the roof of my RV is so soothing. Taking a walk is more annoying because my shoes have very low rubber soles, so water gets in a lot faster.

Changing my socks more than once a day now. I’m one of those people that can’t wear socks after I’ve taken them off. Now, with the rain, I’m sure I’ll be buying more socks soon. It’s just a thing I have.
Walking in the park is also more serene with the rain. Very few people, to interrupt the quiet. The stream is becoming more of a river now, having risen more than a foot in a day.
What a difference one day can make! This first pic was March 19th, the second March 20th. This is a little man-made pond.

The rain has really brought out the green!

most don’t know this, but I like really weird pets. Banana Slugs are one of my favourite. They’re the second largest slug in the world. I want one, but I want one that is young. This little guy is adolescent, and about 5 inches long.

This creek became a strong stream.

I’m enjoying a night in, and watching movies on Netflix. This weekend, I pick up my cat, Loki, from my cousin in-law. It’ll be good to have a snuggle buddy.