Seasonal Affective Disorder

It’s been raining for over a week now, and I haven’t seen the sun. My S.A.D is actually affecting me earlier than normal as well. Usually, I get affected by the disorder starting in about January, and the worst in February where I get to the point of not getting out of bed, missing work, and using up all my sick days. Over this past weekend, getting out of bed before noon was a struggle, and that doesn’t normally happen for a couple more months…

I suppose all the stresses of this past year have pushed my depression into overdrive…I’m currently staying in a friends place as I can’t seem to get the furnace running on the van, and may not be able to. The weather is getting very cold and it hasn’t reached above 8C in a week. We’re actually expecting some snow tonight according to the Weather Network.I wonder about others living in their vans, and motorhomes, and how many have SAD, and what they do to combat it?

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