Settled into the new RV park

As a side note, I located my key! I must have forgotten I took it off and placed it in the RV, “just in case”.

So I have a couple weeks worth of work to do with a client in Abbotsford, BC, and as such I pulled the RV out, and I”m now settled into an RV park as close as I could get to the city. I have to verify the distances with transit now as it didn’t appear to be too far, but the people here are uncertain where the bus stop is.

I plan on taking a walk tonight to see where it is. Just Skyping with my wife first. Two things to note about this park, the WiFi is great and unrestricted, and I can hear the buzz of the TransCanada highway since it’s really not that far away.

Pricing-wise, this place is a lot more expensive than the last park I was at in Burnaby. Costing me $500 for two weeks.

Getting here was easy enough, and only just under 10km away from where I was storing the RV. First thing I noticed was the tiny house, and I’m parked next to it. The owner came home as I was finishing setting up, and gave me a tour.

Really nice guy in his 20’s. He and his wife recently moved it here. The inside is beautiful, and well planned out. I’m still a fan of a Gable roof for the bedroom, and this doesn’t have that. I don’t have pictures to share as that may have been creepy.

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