Sometimes, all you can do is laugh

It’s been an insane few weeks, and today was certainly the topping on the cake.

I’ve previously mentioned that I recently started a new job, one that currently has me working a normal 9-5, Monday through Friday. This makes doing anything with the BC government nearly impossible. I say “nearly” because all I have to do is take time off work. Time that I really shouldn’t, but I am forced to. Today, was one of those days…

For the past several months, I have been jumping through hoops, many of which have been set on fire, and me doused in gasoline, for the provincially owned insurance company, called ICBC. I’ve been trying to transfer everything from Alberta to British Columbia, and these people do NOT make it an easy, nor inexpensive process.

It’s almost better to simply sell everything you own, and start over. Especially when it comes to any sort of automobile. Did you know that even if you have purchased a vehicle in another province, the province of British Columbia requires that you pay them taxes on it? I didn’t. This is not a thing in Alberta. In fact, I think this little tactic is insanely greedy, and it has added an additional $400 to the tally for the RV that we hadn’t expected. The provinces initials are “BC”, but it’s not really for “British Columbia”, it stands for “Bring Cash”.

Anyways, on to today.

I had an appointment at the local insurance agency, to finally complete the transfer to BC. After months, everything is finally in order. We’re going through the paperwork, and the next step is that the agent needs to “sight the VIN”. This means that you need to drive your vehicle to the insurance agency, so they can come out, and simply look at your VIN.

Alright, now to drive across the city, beaten down the hatches, and drive back. In an hour. Sadly, try as I might, I made it 30 minutes after they closed. Whee. Can’t keep asking for time off just because the government run insurance company works terrible hours. They’re worse than the banks. Now, with my schedule change that starts tomorrow, I have 45 minutes between the agency opening, and my shift starting. This process just became a whole lot more difficult.

However, this should be the very last hurdle. Sight the VIN, complete the paperwork, and be officially in BC.

Here is to hoping!

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