The cool mornings

As summer begins to fade away, the sun starts coming up later, going down sooner, and that brings with it cooler weather here in Canada. Last night, I could actually see my breath a little. It made snuggling up all the better though. It wasn’t a huge amount of breath, just enough that at first you think you’re seeing things, and have to concentrate on the breath.

I like my bed. It is a very comfortable bed for even two people which in the last couple weeks has been shared with a wonderful girl who somehow actually likes the fact that I have this van. Many people, although they think it’s neat, would not want to sleep over I’m sure.

But I digress…

I have to start looking into the heating options I have for the coming winter. I don’t know if I will choose to be in the van over the winter or rent a room, some days I want both. Paying the bills is easy, and although not being paid as fast as I had originally predicted, they are getting paid. I’m no longer overdrawn on the credit cards, and I’ll be hammering the debt down. Another reason I’m thinking about the winter. Renting a room will cost more than living in the van, and I want to get everything paid off.

Winters have been getting milder and milder every year, and it may help keep me in the van well into December when the snow finally stays. January and February have always been the harsh months here, and thankfully, we get Chinooks. Warm winds for those who do not know, warm winds that can raise the temperature outside by a significant amount for a week.

I’ve been looking into a few different options, and one is to hurry my butt up and get the solar panels, and electrical system complete so I can plug in. I may be looking at redoing the insulation as well as there are a few places where I don’t think it’s too well done. This thing is old after-all!

Well, that’s the little quip for today. Just my thoughts


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