The Swampy Cooler

Well, here I am posting again yet another great little product that I think I will be buying. I’m keeping my eyes open on, craigslist, ebay, and bargain finder for this.

The MightyKool 3-Speed Personal Cooler sounds like it’ll be perfect for my van. Last year, it would get so hot in the van, that I couldn’t wear pretty much anything, and would have to find places that I could have the side door open to get a breeze through. I didn’t much care for that, especially when trying to sleep at night, or have a nap during the day.
Brand new, this thing is pricey. $337 USD to ship to Canada. I’m sure I could get it delivered to somewhere on the other side of the border, and then pick it up but that’ll only knock off about $45. Still, $45 is $45.

Best best is to hopefully find one for cheap on the classified ad sites.
I think with all these products that I list here, I might get a widget that will give me that referral bonus for those that click through and buy. Maybe I can make just enough money to start buying these things myself as well!

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