What we need in a home

While we’re in the process of looking for a place to call home, it occurs that I should write down what it is that as a family, we will require. This is a very important part of trying to find something.

So, what do we need? Keep in mind this is now, and needs may change.

First we obviously need something large enough to allow us to live. So, I’ve been looking into Bunkhouse trailers. Basically, they have a master bedroom on one side, and another bedroom with bunk beds on the other.

This will help to have Minion and Miya have a room. Minion is almost 14, but he won’t need much room as we don’t plan on having him hiding out in a bedroom all day. Bedrooms are supposed to be where you sleep, not live.

We also need to have a decent kitchen. Large fridge, three burner range with an oven, sink, counter space for other appliances like our toaster oven. Since we’ll be living here, we need to be able to cook and bake, and be able to make healthy meals.

Ahh, the trailer also needs to be a “four seasons” trailer in order to handle the winter. Not that we are planning on being in Canada during winters, but you never know. We don’t want anything to freeze if we get caught in below freezing weather. Heated underbelly where the holding tanks are.

Enough room to set up a decent solar power system. Since we are planning on traveling, we need to be able to supply our power needs without requiring to plug in and ideally without needing to run a generator. This means that all lights will need to be swapped out for LED’s.

We want slideout’s. We really need to have it feel like a home without feeling too cramped, as it’ll already be cramped. Slideout’s allow us to gain precious extra space, and feel a bit larger. A full bathroom, with a tub. Babies need tubs, and a standup shower won’t cut it.

That’s about all I can think of right now off the bat.

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