Looking for something larger.

Creating this post to add onto classified ads. It’s worked in the past to mutually beneficial results when we upgraded to a trailer for my campervan.

We are looking to upgrade to a larger unit! Are you looking for something smaller? We are located in Nanaimo, BC.

As you can see from this site, this RV has been amazing, and we’ve enjoyed it immensely! However, now that our son is running around, we’d like to get something with more space, at least in the width area (slides).

This 1976 Triple e RV is 25′, sports a bathroom with stand up shower (We never used). Three burner range and oven. Dual sink, and a fridge with icebox. The countertops are brand new, as is the table, and the floor! There are two 25 gallon fresh water tanks inside (located under the kitchen table seats), black and grey water are underneath. Sprayfoam has been added to the underbelly.

There is A/C, that also has a heat sink. Save propane when at RV parks! (I did). There is also a furnace which when used, pumps out a huge amount of heat. However, once I updated the plug to 30amp, I simply used the heatsink on the A/C which kept the RV toasty warm, even in the early spring. The 20lb propane tank is built in, and has a connection to bypass and have other tanks added on.

The couch in the back folds out into a double bed, the dining table does the same, and there is a bed above the cab as well. Plenty of room for sleeping.

The roof is solid, and there are no leaks. There was a leak in the back that was resolved prior to my buying it, and we’ve never had any issues. All the little things that have been done to the RV, problems that we have fixed, and so forth are on this website under the tags “RV” and “Renovations”. As you can see, we have painted to give the walls new life and add some additional brightness to the inside. The awning is in great shape, with no tears.

Like any RV, I can’t say that everything is perfect. It is 40 years old after-all, but it gets the job done, and the only issues I’ve really had with it are more thanks to ICBC and their weird policies on wanting to know every single owner. All that stuff has finally been handled, and you won’t have the same troubles I did!

The RV has everything you need for comfortable living, or even just getting away for the weekend! It’s perfect for one or two people, cozy for more. However, if you’re fulltiming, you’re not spending as much time indoors anyways! If you follow the blog, you’ll see that we spent months in it, both when we first moved to BC, and a large portion of 2016.


Now, for what we’re looking for. Ideally, we would like to find a bunkhouse trailer. That way the kids have their own space, and so do we! Our SUV can pull nearly 9000lbs (8995lbs), and most bunkhouse TT’s we’ve seen appear to be in the 6000lb range. We’re okay with it needing a little TLC, just as long as it is sound, the appliances work, no “major” repairs are needed (aka: replace roof, floor, exterior) in order to be usable) and it has papers (we don’t want to go through THAT again). We would love to have at least one slide so that there is that little extra space in the living area for the kids to move around, and not be underfoot. By underfoot, I mean not on purpose. These kids are ALWAYS underfoot!

If you think we could be a good match for a trade, or perhaps you have a TT that you would take trade and perhaps some cash, contact us with your info and pics and let’s talk! (An idea of what we’re looking for below)


Thanks for reading!

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