Time at the Beach

We are very lucky to live where we do.

Here on Vancouver Island, the winters are typically quite mild. This year has been an exception, as every 7-8 years are when El Nino leaves. It causes a pressure change that throws the polar vortex off and allows Arctic air to scream headlong south until the vortex finally stabilizes.

Today was a great day. The birds are singing, and Robins are back (something that signaled the onset of spring in Alberta).

Today, it was nice enough that we decided to head down to the beach. The kids ran around, and of course, Miya ended up in the water. Even another traveler noted that she appeared to have no fear of the water.

Miya is certainly our water child. The temperature of the water is of no consequence to her, and she will run out into it no matter the day.

Living this life is not always a simple life, but it is a rich life.


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